It’s been just over a year since I started this blog series and I am honoured by those who have come along for the journey to open our eyes and see more in biblical passages than our blinders normally allow.

So in order from least to most views here are the top ten posts of the year (click on the titles to go to the posts):

10 The Baptism of John (part 2)

“Jesus was the Son of God, the Creator of the Universe…yet He received ministry from someone who was “less” than Him.” (39 views)

9 Jesus begins to preach the ungospel

“The temptation is to give people what they want rather than the truth – to focus on your audience and fulfil your customer’s “needs” (45 views)

8 The temptation of Christ

“So often we fall into this trap – we want to have our expertise recognised or our position acknowledged but we miss out on the most important thing about our identity.” (53 views)

7 The visit of the Magi

“We can judge Herod for his actions, but the truth is that we are all like Him when it comes to wanting to be first, to be in charge and do what we want.” (62 views)

6 God can’t bear to look

“Jesus, who has experienced what I’m feeling is walking with me in my distress.” (78 views)

5 Cain and Abel and the Texas Church Massacre

“Until we stop blaming everything else and stop making excuses…there will be no change.” (85 views)

4 The Baptism of John

“Baptism under John was a public declaration of turning away from sin. So why did Jesus go to John to be baptised?” (123 views)

3 The best Christmas carol memes on the web

25 of the best Christmas carol puns, memes and tweets that I have found. (128 views)

2 The best reformation 500 memes on the web

To celebrate 500 years since the Reformation – I gathered together 37 of the best puns, memes and tweets that I have found. (155 views)

1 Sheep, goats and Joel Osteen

“You see when Christ returns, He’s not going to ask us what Joel Osteen did. He’s going to ask us what we did.” (462 views)

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