This webpage gives an outline of the workshop “teach your children godly sexuality” together with links to the relevant blog posts. 

This will be released as a book in 2018.


“In a society where our children are regularly exposed to a fallen worldview of sexuality and where too often, their main source of information on the subject is through the mainstream media or through peers equally exposed to such media, this course aims to equip parents to address this subject with their children in a natural way and through a relational approach. I would highly recommend it to parents of young children and teenagers and parents to be, as well as , recommend it to Church and youth leaders”

“Really great stuff! In a world where there is so much brokenness & damage, encouraging people to focus on God’s plan for healing & wholeness through Jesus, especially in this area is excellent….I think the way you focus on communication is a vital key to promoting positive relationships with our kids. You’ve provided strong, biblical basis for all your teaching & have given practical ways to apply it too. I really believe that you’ve heard God’s heart.”

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If you’re not whole then it’s hard to pass wholeness onto your children.
Throughout the workshop there will be opportunities to reflect on your heritage and receive prayer.
Your children learn most about sexuality through how you as parents live your life.
By loving your spouse you will impart more than anything you could ever say.
Children learn best when they feel loved and they respect and trust you.
We’ll help you to become a source of grace (rather than law) to them.

The four principles of teaching your children godly sexuality

God created it and declared it very good

Our sexuality is good because it reflects the:

● community of the trinity
oneness of the trinity
● love of the trinity
● delight and joy in the trinity
● the joy of the trinity in creation
● the ultimate ecstasy of our union with Christ

Our sexuality images our holy God

Our sexuality is holy because it reflects the:

   – we are joined in body, soul and spirit
   – our joining is designed for life
● eternal cascade of love from the Father

God has called parents to be the primary communicators of his ways (Dt 6:7)

● …with both taking their part as both are needed to make up the full image of God
● …in everyday life not in lectures
…in stories not in rules/morals
● …full of grace and truth
…as a sinner speaking of a saviour

Applying these principles to the questions children ask

Opportunities throughout the teaching to practise applying these principles to common scenarios faced by parents when raising children.  A forum to discuss issues/share ideas to help you to come up with the best grace filled approach that suits your personality and your children.
 Scenarios cover the four broad areas that children (aged 2-13) ask about:
   – exploration/questions about their body
   – where do babies come from?
   – questions about growing up/parents bodies
   – what does it mean the be male/female?

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