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Welcome to the webpage of Not the Bible.
A series of satirical mistranslations of several books from the Bible.
Half tongue-in-cheek, half right between the eyes, these books are designed to expose our over-familiarity with scripture, cultural bias, and hidden assumptions.
Suitable for personal devotion, small groups, and as a basis for sermons.
The parables are excellent for use in all age services.
Each week I’ll be releasing a commentary on a passage from The Ungospel of Matthew on the Not the Bible blog.

The Latest From the Blog

Contribute – Not the Bible

Would you like to write a commentary on a Not the Bible passage? Would you like to submit your own mistranslation or a meme idea? Great! Let me know via my contact page.

The UnGospel of Matthew

What if Jesus was a wordly Messiah? Planned release  2017

ntb-ungospel-of-markThe UnGospel of Mark

What if Jesus was politically correct? Planned release 2018  VOTE HERE

ntb-ungospel-of-lukeThe UnGospel of Luke

What if Jesus was like the Pharisees? Planned release: 2018 VOTE HERE

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