This page is an opportunity to honour those who have been instrumental in our journey to wholeness.
A place to share the best resources out there with those also on this journey.
In time we will include the resources (music, videos and books) that we develop.

Foundational Resources

Books/talks to help you discover how our sexuality points to something greater:

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Since the father calls out the man/woman – without addressing any father wounds you have received will limit your ability to relate to the Father, receive His life and love and impart wholeness to your children.

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If after prayer you find you are not making progress then it’s likely to be wrong thinking about your identity in Christ holding you back.

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Parenting Resources

Too many “Christian” parenting books actually try to bring change using Law when the Father brings change to us by His Spirit of Grace…

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Books to read with children.
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Purity Resources

Lacking the love of the Father, porn can try and seek to fill that emptiness with its false promises.  Trying harder won’t bring freedom as only “greater pleasure can fight pleasure” and only sonship cures shame.

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Finding freedom and transformation after sexual abuse.

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