What is Theographic?
  • Pornographic comes from the Greek porne = “prostitute” (originally “bought, purchased”) and graphein = “to write”, earlier “to draw or represent by lines drawn,” (originally “to scrape, scratch” a stylus on clay). That is, depicting the selling of our precious gift for money. This is symbolic of selling our sexuality cheaply as nothing more than animal instinct.
  • Theographic* comes from the Greek theos = “God” and graphein = “to write”. That is, illustrating God. We were created male and female in God’s image (Gen 1:27). Therefore our sexuality is meant is meant to reveal something of the very nature of God and as such it is of infinite value.

*We are deeply indebted to Christopher West who used this word at a leaders conference that summed up the journey we had been on

Why Godly Sexuality?

For too long the church has fallen into two errors:

  • The first is to see our God-given sexuality as bad (eg St Augustine speaks of “the shame which attends all sexual intercourse” in The City of God).
  • The second is to absorb our culture, devalue this gift and become no different to the world (rather like the Corinthian church).

We are one of many voices at this time that seeks to restore what has been lost.  To no longer react or absorb but to show how our sexuality points to something far more glorious and to call people to become sons of the Father.

Why Now?

Since we simply responded to the Holy Spirit’s prompting we have discovered that the Father is speaking to many others worldwide about the same thing. Why? Because Christ’s return is coming soon and the Spirit is helping the Bride to make herself ready (Rev 19:7).

We are privileged to play a small part in ensuring that the beloved Bride is pure and radiant for her Lover’s return.

Got a question about sexuality, marriage, parenting, identity, desires or the church body then contact me here.

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