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Reviews of the Workshop

  • “In a society where our children are regularly exposed to a fallen worldview of sexuality and where too often, their main source of information on the subject is through the mainstream media or through peers equally exposed to such media, this course aims to equip parents to address this subject with their children in a natural way and through a relational approach. I would highly recommend it to parents of young children and teenagers and parents to be, as well as , recommend it to Church and youth leaders”
  • “Really great stuff! In a world where there is so much brokenness & damage, encouraging people to focus on God’s plan for healing & wholeness through Jesus, especially in this area is excellent….I think the way you focus on communication is a vital key to promoting positive relationships with our kids. You’ve provided strong , biblical basis for all your teaching & have given practical ways to apply it too. I really believe that you’ve heard God’s heart.”

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