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Welcome to Godly Sexuality

We were created in the image of God and so our sexuality is theographic not pornographic.  I want to help restore what has been distorted by the world and help parents impart a godly view of sexuality to their children.

I blog and write on sexuality, marriage, parenting, identity, desires and the Church.

Brief answers to the “what is godly sexuality about?”

A brief overview of how our sexuality reflects the glory of our Three-in-One God

Testimonies and an overview of the “teach your children godly sexuality” workshop.

Weekly posts on sexuality, parenting, marriage, identity, desires and the Church

Additional resources for godly sexuality books

Recommended resources for those on the journey


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Teach Your Children Godly Sexuality

A brief guide on how to communicate sexuality in a godly way to your children.

Planned release 2017   

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