About the Author

John is a child of God, a husband and a father to 6 children (4 on earth and 2 in heaven).  He trained as a teacher at Oxford University, but despite this he still refers to himself in the third person.  He loves using stories and his quirky humour to open people’s eyes and has used these tools in more than 20 years of children’s work.

John received his diploma in theology from King’s Bible College in 2008 and wrote his dissertation on God’s heart for children.  In 2013, he completed the Leadership Development Programme from Bethel Church, Redding.  Together with his wife, he had the privilege of leading a small organic church that started with a bunch of hurt and broken people and ended with them brought back to life and leaving to pursue their God-given callings.

This is the calling on his life: to be a father and, like David preparing Solomon to build the temple, his desire is to help his children (both natural and spiritual) to fulfil their God-given callings.  That they would go further than him; that his ceiling will become their floor and that they will stand on his shoulders and see and do things for God that he only dreamt about.

He wrote some online Sunday school resources and was shocked to discover that more than 30,000 visitors have stumbled upon them.  This made him think that maybe his stories and other resources could be used to bless people and help them on their spiritual journeys.

Finally he hopes he never loses the wonder at how an imperfect man can bring glory to God and how his wife can still find the same jokes funny after 19 years of marriage.

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